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For Order Questions, Refunds, Cancellations, Help with Downloads, Or Technical Issues:
Please click here for Customer Satisfaction

As promised, your satisfaction is our top priority, so click the link above for fast, courteous service after you’ve looked at the options below to make sure this is your best option for contact.

Questions / Feedback

For other general questions, to give product feedback or a testimonials, or questions about our affiliate program, I would love to hear from you! You can reach us via email at wealthconscious1@gmail.com.

Record a Testimonial! To share your experience using The Life & Wealth Freedom Pack with the world, please leave a 30 – 60 long voice testimonial by calling 1-858-432-3733. When you start recording, please state your first name and state or country you are calling from, then record your testimonial and hang up.

Do not record any other information, only your name, state or country and your testimonial. Also, if you can email a small photo to go with your recorded testimonial, that is even better, but not necessary. :) That can be emailed to wealthconscious1@gmail.com.

I will then call you to get any other information if needed and let you know that your testimonial has been selected to be featured on our site.

*Note: by recording a testimonial and sending your photo, you are granting us permission to post it on our website for others to hear and see.

Partnerships / Joint Ventures / JV Brokers

Are you a personal development and, or wealth creation list owner looking for a high-returns offer for your  audience? We love participating in profitable joint ventures and making new friends in this rewarding space. Please Email us or call us at 1-858-432-3733 to discuss.

JV Broker: Earn 20% from all sales referred by your partners who will earn 50% with our 2-tier program managed with ‘Clickbank Contracts!’ Contact us via email at wealthconscious1@gmail.com, or leave us a voice message or text at 1-858-432-3733 with your contact information and I will call you to discuss!

Affiliate Program – Earn 50% From Referrals!

If you are looking for the Wealth Conscious Life & Wealth Freedom Pack affiliate program where you make 50% from all sales, please Click Herefor details and to sign up now – It’s Free and Easy to Join!

There you will find a wealth of resources to help you succeed in your promotions while giving away amazing, life changing content. You’ll find sample chapters, banners, wealth – business and personal development articles, pre-written email messages you can use for email marketing and much more!